How I Made An Extra $2,667.86 in 2018 Doing Absolutely Nothing

Believe it! I just totaled it up this morning and so far (the year is not over yet) I’ve made $2,667.86 doing nothing. Me from a few years ago would be completely bewildered that someone could make a couple grand doing nothing. But experienced, financially-literate me who is writing this now, knows and wants to share with you, how incredibly … Read More

The App That Saved Christmas

cell phone with christmas tree in focus on camera screen

I have been asked SO. MANY. TIMES. what our favorite tools are for saving money. A little backstory: We were super deep in poverty and struggling to make it by for years so I gained some serious skills when it came to saving money. One of the tools we used back then we still use to this day because it’s … Read More