How To Start a Profitable Online Store for Less Than $100

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With the advances being made in technology, it is not only possible, but also incredibly easy to start an online retail business in about a day–and for less money than a nice dinner out for two would cost you. Shopify keeps making strides to improve ease and efficiency for online retailers, meaning there has never been a better time, in … Read More

What is E-commerce?

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What Is e-commerce? I’m sure you’re familiar with the term commerce, which is simply the buying and selling of goods. Attach an “e-“ to the beginning of it and you’ve got a new term that describes the direction the world is heading in terms of retail. E-commerce is simply the buying and selling of goods and services on the internet. … Read More

The App That Saved Christmas

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I have been asked SO. MANY. TIMES. what our favorite tools are for saving money. A little backstory: We were super deep in poverty and struggling to make it by for years so I gained some serious skills when it came to saving money. One of the tools we used back then we still use to this day because it’s … Read More

5 Spare Moments To Change Your Life

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You have to give it to us parents, we have learned efficiency like it’s our job. I mean, it kind of is our job. We have the same amount of hours in the day as everyone else yet we have to keep these tiny humans fed, clothed, clean, educated, entertained, and alive while they fight us every step of the … Read More