How I Made An Extra $2,667.86 in 2018 Doing Absolutely Nothing

Believe it! I just totaled it up this morning and so far (the year is not over yet) I’ve made $2,667.86 doing nothing. Me from a few years ago would be completely bewildered that someone could make a couple grand doing nothing. But experienced, financially-literate me who is writing this now, knows and wants to share with you, how incredibly … Read More

The App That Saved Christmas

cell phone with christmas tree in focus on camera screen

I have been asked SO. MANY. TIMES. what our favorite tools are for saving money. A little backstory: We were super deep in poverty and struggling to make it by for years so I gained some serious skills when it came to saving money. One of the tools we used back then we still use to this day because it’s … Read More

5 Spare Moments To Change Your Life

woman listens to headphones while sitting in her car

You have to give it to us parents, we have learned efficiency like it’s our job. I mean, it kind of is our job. We have the same amount of hours in the day as everyone else yet we have to keep these tiny humans fed, clothed, clean, educated, entertained, and alive while they fight us every step of the … Read More

10 Ways To Make A Living From Home Without A Degree

Woman working from home on her bed.

Do you still think you need a degree to make a living? I’m a mom to 4, I don’t have a degree, and I work from home and make more money than most of people I know who have degrees. And I DON’T do it by selling MLM products to my family and friends. Oh, and I don’t have tens … Read More

The Minimum Viable Funnel Required For Ecommerce FB Ads

We held a live training in our Free FB Group yesterday that went over the Minimum Viable Funnel (MVF) and how to implement and analyze it in your FB Ads Account. Here is the re-cap in case you missed it: The minimum viable funnel for ecommerce is something that you have to understand to excel in ecommerce. It’s crucial for … Read More

The Only Email Marketing App That Makes Sense For Ecommerce

If you are selling physical products in your online store then your main goal is to create customers. You want purchases. Email marketing is a HUGE aspect of marketing for physical products and often times will be your biggest ROI. When I started email marketing, I used Aweber, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, and then I finally settled in with Klaviyo and haven’t … Read More