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In early 2017 my husband and I were having a really terrible conversation. Maybe you've been there? We were trying to figure out a way, any way possible, to avoid filing for bankruptcy. We were at the very rock bottom of a place we struggled so hard to avoid. It was a place of hopelessness, the end of a long, dark tunnel where we could no longer see the light at the other end. We had to make a very difficult decision.

The back story: We started our family early and, honestly, a little unexpectedly. We spent the early years of our marriage playing catch up, trying to finish school and move up the career ladder while raising our very young children. As happy as we were with our beautiful kids and humble little life, we were slowly but surely burying ourselves in debt. It got to the point that we were using credit cards to pay for necessities and paychecks to pay the credit card bills…. Of which the balance never seemed to go down.

So there we were, crying in our bedroom after we put the kids to bed over the failures that we felt we were. We tried so hard, so earnestly, to do the right thing, we just could not catch a break financially. And the thing is… we didn’t spend money frivolously. In fact, we went without a lot. Have you ever had to choose between two things you need and going without one? That was our life for years.
The day before our consultation with a bankruptcy attorney, my husband listened to a podcast on his drive to work. It was a guy talking about a training that he and his business partner developed to teach people to make money online. My husband came home and for the first time in a long time, I saw hope in his eyes.

“This is perfect for you.”

“You have to try this, it might change things for us.”

“There is a 30-day money back guarantee.”

In case you didn’t know, I’m the world’s biggest skeptic. I didn’t want to crush his optimism, so I promised to look into it. I 100% figured it would be a no go, but as I read more about this training, my wall of pessimism and doubt that I had built up started to crumble. For the first time in a long time I actually started to feel hopeful.

The problem was, we had no money to spend on a training, no matter how affordable it was. We didn’t have enough credit. We surely didn’t have anyone we could borrow the money from. So we were faced with another huge, life-altering decision. Do we seal our fate and hammer the last nail into our coffin by taking out a small loan, or do we proceed with filing for bankruptcy with the hope of eventually starting over?

Spoiler alert: We took the risk and took out the loan.

It was probably the most insane, illogical thing we’ve ever done, but the entrepreneurs in us knew that if we didn’t take the risk, nothing would change.  "No one ever does anything” kept playing on repeat in my mind. Well, we didn’t want to be those people. So we did something.

And what was the result of that risk?

I’m happy to inform you that we never had to file for bankruptcy. In fact, we paid off our mountain of debt within 6 months of taking that training. What was supposed to be a “side hustle” to make a little “extra money” for bills turned into a 7-figure online business in less than 12 months. Taking that online course opened up a whole new world of opportunity for us.

Since that day we have continued to seek and find the best opportunities out there for generating, scaling, and investing wealth so that we can diversify our income and build a solid foundation that will prevent us from EVER getting into the financial pit we were in again. We are constantly learning what works and what doesn’t work, and more importantly, we know what’s possible when trying to raise a family as well.

Thank God we took that insane, illogical leap of faith.

As a mom, as someone who has struggled financially, as someone who was tired of wasting thousands of dollars on an "education" that never taught me anything valuable, I want to help others like myself. I want to help you. I invite you to subscribe to our email list or join our facebook group where we’ll share with you all of the best opportunities we can find for you to break free from what’s holding you back. No degree necessary. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you can do it, trust me—if WE can, then YOU can. It will take hard work and determination but as they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Our kids are our why. Now is the time to look at your why, will yourself to take the leap, and we'll show you the way.

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